Update 2: The task is still expanding and also a lot of new attributes are currently implemented (like a Twitter-Client and the assimilation of Telegram-Bots). Please inspect the GitHub database and also launch notes to find out more regarding the new functions (or follow me on Twitter). I hope I am able to upgrade this task web page as soon as possible.

Update 1: First I want to claim "thanks" to everybody that has read this job page and gave me comments (either exclusive or at the remarks). It was a great deal of enjoyable to provide this project at Manufacturer Faire Rome 2015 and Microsoft Technical Summit 2015 and future occasions are still waiting. I added some images from the occasions.

I am establishing a house automation option for the last 3 years. Litter-Robot III Open-Air as Self-Cleaning Litter Box This includes the physical installment of the equipment and also establishing the software.


Right now, the complying with functions are sustained.


  • Button (BUSCH-JAEGER 2020US).
  • Movement detector (Abus 360 ° BW8085).
  • Space temperature level (My own device based on DHT22).
  • Space humidity (My own tool based on DHT22).
  • Window state (open or shut utilizing Honeywell Slimline reed call).
  • Dawn, Sunset, Temperature level & Moisture (Drawn from OpenWeatherMap).


  • Light (ceiling) (driven by relay, no dimming).
  • Outlet (owned by relay, no dimming).
  • Roller shutter (window) (owned by two relays for backwards and forwards).
  • Follower (ceiling) (driven by 3 relays for every equipment).
  • Shower room fan (driven by 2 relays for every equipment).

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Other features.

  • The service consists of a web app for iphone, Android, Windows, Mac OSX which can be used to control the online actuators. The arrangement for the web app is filled from the controller (Windows IoT instance).
  • All occasions generated by outputs and also inputs could be published to a Microsoft Azure Occasion Center and/or logged to a CSV data.
  • The controller (Windows IoT circumstances) provides UDP based tracing which could be revealed making use of a console application. The trace is really detailed as well as can be made use of to locate insects or wrong connected actuators etc
  • . Custom actuators can be added to sustain more hardware.
  • Physical outputs could be combined to logical outcomes.
  • Computer animations (the physical results within a rational result could be animated).
  • The whole system is designed to be as resistant to errors/hardware failures as feasible. Even if several core parts are disconnected/broken the remaining system still works as meant (e.g. some of the boards in the living room are not reachable because of an equipment failing, but the washroom still functions as meant).
  • Support for 433Mhz remote relays.

The idea.

As we refurbished our residence 3 years earlier, I made a decision to execute my very own home automation remedy. The main idea behind the implementation is to control everything from the power distributor using relays. As a result of this decision every button, lamp, socket, roller shutter etc. has to be attached by it's very own cable by means of the actuator to the power representative. A bus like KNX or EIB is not called for.

More Info : Litter Robot

Keep in mind: As a result of the fact that I live in Germany, every component is made to work with the 230V power supply. Various other sort of power products could require additional modifications. The installation of 230V wires (NYM), new power suppliers and so on are done by my favored electrician and not by myself.